Buzzword Buster – Start-up

In its broadest definition, a company that is new, i.e has recently started up. Firms self-identifying as “start-ups” is pretty unique to technology based professions. These firms often like to add an air of grandeur by prefixing and suffixing various nouns and adjectives.

For example, to find a “disruptive fintech startup founded on blockchain technologies” is straightforward. Conversely, one would probably not Google “disruptive water services start-up founded on copper pipe technologies” if you needed a plumber.

Start-ups often talk confidently about how unimpressive customer and revenue numbers should be expected because they are fresh, new, disruptive and just plain misunderstood.

Unimpressive customer and revenue numbers can be fine in start-ups, if truly understood and validated against a plan to improve them. For many start-ups sadly, they merely represent genuinely unimpressive customer and revenue numbers.


Disagree or want to add something? What does Start-Up mean to you?

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